Tech Companies Have Joined Microsoft in Resisting the US Government's Attempts to Access Overseas Data

By Tom Pritchard on at

You may recall that the US government has been using court orders to try and force Microsoft to hand over data that is stored on servers outside the USA. Microsoft has (so far unsuccessfully) fought back against this practice, and has picked up some important supporters along the way, including: the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, and Cisco.

In case you don't realise what the issue is here, the Microsoft servers in question are located in Dublin and the US government has been trying to access the data stored in them without a warrant from an Irish court. People (Microsoft staff included) are rather annoyed that the US government thinks it should be allowed access to anyone's data, regardless of whether or not it's being kept on US soil.

Microsoft's initial attempts to rebuff the US' demands might have been unsuccessful, but hopefully the refiled suit will have more success thanks to the additional support. [TechCrunch]