Tesco Uproots "Anti-Homeless" Spikes as Public Outrage Grows

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some of the bizarre spikes seen popping up around London have already started disappearing as quickly as they arrived, with Tesco smelling a PR crisis on the wind and removing them from outside one central London branch.

The spikes first came to people's attention last week, when metal lumps on the floor were spotted outside a Southwark development. This lightbulb moment encouraged people to look for them elsewhere, and suddenly we realised we'd become some sort of police state controlling where people can sit or lie down, with suspicious spiky bits spotted all over the place.

Happily, the famous Southwark spikes themselves have also gone, with photographs taken this morning showing a smooth surface where the metallic lumps were last week.

So are we now saved as a society? Have we stopped building the spikes that we will have to sleep on for eternity in the afterlife? [Mashable]

Image credit: Twitter