The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's crazy how easily, and quickly, a sleeping pattern can be ruined. A week ago I was struggling to stay up past 1am, but after a week of working into the wee hours I've found I can't get to sleep until around 4am. Hopefully a couple of early starts will fix that sooner rather than later. But you're not here to listen to me ponder the mysteries of the world of sleep, you're here for the apps:

iPhone Apps

Yoga Studio: A library of various positions and classes to meet all your Yoga needs. You can either follow the classes laid out in the app, or if you know what you're doing to can create your own. This new version has a brand-new iOS 7-inspired design, 35 new classes, and the option to listen to music from iTunes Radio, and Spotify, without having to leave the app. [£2.49]

Reuters Sports Reel: The dedicated app for sports photography from Reuters, released to coincide with the summer's major sporting events, including the World Cup, Tour de France, Hungarian Grand Prix, and the US Open. With near real-time photo coverage, you'll never miss any of the best moments in the sporting world. [Free]

The Human Body by Tinybop: An interactive model of the human body for kids aged four and above. With interactive animated layers of the body, it's there to teach them about basic anatomy. This version also comes packed with a brand-new dashboard based on feedback from parents. [£1.99]

Hotwire Hotels & Cars: When you're going away you want to be able to find the best deal to save some money. Most apps like this will only cover hotels, but Hotwire has recently integrated car rental into its service, offering prices as low as $12 (£7) per day. [Free]

Halftone 2: Have you ever wanted to turn your pictures into your own personal comics? Well you can with Halftone 2. This new version not only lets you do that, it now lets you create your own comic-style videos. This means that not only does Halftone come with image editing options, but now it also comes with video editing. A cool little tool for creative types and comic lovers alike. [£1.49]

iPad Apps

Scanbot: This is a mobile scanning app that use the camera to create high quality JPGs or PDFs from physical documents. The latest version brings is now fully optimised for the iPad, and also brings QRCode scanning into the mix. This will be a nice use for the iPad's camera, because god knows you can't use it to take photos (or you shouldn't be doing). [£1.49]

Learn Languages With Babbel: Whether you're a complete beginner, or an advanced linguist, Babbel is there to help you learn one of the 13 built-in languages. There are tailored learning goals, and multi-device synchronisation so you can fit the learning around your own life. It's not free, and each language isn't cheap, but if you're serious about learning a new language then there are worse options out there. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Huebert: Whether you're a child, an adult, or a Geography student, everybody loves to colour in. Huebert is an enormous collection of digital colouring books covering a variety of fun categories. The best part is that it's all digital, so it doesn't matter whether or not you stay within the lines on the first try. [Free]

VVVVVV: An odd title for a game (it's six Vs if you can't be bothered to count), VVVVVV is a port of a 3DS/PSVita game. You play as Captain Viridian, captain of a spaceship that has been affected by dimensional interference. Upon evacuating the crew through a teleporter, you find yourself separated and must rendezvous with them while trying to find a way to save your ship. [£1.99]

Angry Birds Epic: In another instalment that proves that the people behind the Angry Birds franchise still haven't run out of ways to keep the franchise going, Angry Birds Epic is a turn based RPG set in the fantasy land of Piggy Island. If you're not tired of the franchise, you like RPGs, and you're tolerant of games with micro transactions, then this is a game you might want to check out. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Android Apps

Google I/O 2014: Google's big conference is coming our way on the 25th June, and you might want to keep up-o-speed with everything as and when it happens. The Google I/O app will ensure that you can navigate the conference, whether you're actually there or not. With the personalised schedule function included, you won't miss a thing. Wonder if they'll announce Android 5.0, or the Nexus 6? [Free]

Rio de Janeiro Guide: GoToRio: We all know that the World Cup is going on across Brazil at the moment, with Rio being one of the locations hosting matches. Whether you're going for the Cup, or just for a holiday, the app is there to help you understand your way around the city. Whether you're looking to book hotels, organise tours of the city, or find information on the attractions: the app is there to help you out. It's also here to give you a virtual tour if you can't make it across the Atlantic. [Free]

SwiftKey Keyboard: I'm sure you've hard of SwiftKey by now, it's an intelligent keyboard that makes it easier and faster for you to type. With autocorrect that trumps the built-in Android dictionary, keyboard customisation, and over 60 languages included, it's a much better alternative to the existing keyboard functions. Oh yeah, it also free now. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Glastonbury Festival 2014: Glastonbury might not start for another week and a half, but you festival goers are going to want to organise yourselves in time for the big event. The app has been developed by the folks at EE to ensure you can make the most of your time at the festival. With a full line-up, a personal schedule, site maps, and access to BBC live streams, it's the best way to make sure you know what you're doing at Glastonbury. [Free]

Kindle: Amazon's ebook store/reader has had a big update this week that lets you jump between reading and listening when you add audio to a book, copy and paste text into other apps, jump to previous locations from the progress bar, and even highlight in a multitude of colours. If that doesn't quite seal the deal for you, the app also has improved cross-device syncing. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Pinterest Beta: Pinterest has finally released an official app for Windows Phone. Find and log your favourite things, plan projects, and save any great ideas you come across. If you're tired of using a browser, or third party apps, to access your Pinterest account then you'll want this. [Free]

ooVoo: This is a messaging app that lets you communicate through video and text, without paying a penny. With crystal-clear voice calls, group calls for up to 12 people, and cross-platform compatibility, it's a nice little tool if Skype isn't your thing. [Free]

Kabbee: Looking for a cab but want to make sure you're getting the best deal? If you live in London then you're in luck. Kabbee will compare the prices from over 70 minicab companies and will show you the best ones in the vicinity based on price, user rating, and reliability. You can also pay with cash, card, or even from your pre-paid Kabbee account. [Free]

bet365: With one of the world's biggest sporting events happening as we speak, some of you might be wanting to try and win yourselves some money. With an extensive range of pre-match and in-game odds available, as well as in-app account management, it's more than ideal for your betting needs. [Free]

GunFinger: A zombie shooter that really gives more credence to the phrase "double-tap". GunFinger has 70 missions to play through, and a whole host of weapons to upgrade, it's good choice for those of you who enjoy blowing out zombie brains. [Free -- with in-app purchases]