The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I've noticed a disturbing trend on the roads recently, not only are drivers getting increasingly erratic, but pedestrians are getting overly casual about where they walk. I don't just mean kids with a false sense of immortality, these are older people who really should know better. It's a bizarre out look on life, do pedestrians really think they can come out on top if they're run down by a careless driver? But oh would you look at the time, I need to give you all this week's list.

iPhone Apps

OKDOTHIS: Do you struggle with creativity? OKDOTHIS is a community that revolves around inspiring people to collaborate with each other and create new content. With randomly generated prompts that give you ideas for things to photograph and share with the larger community, it's the perfect way to motivate yourself and work on your photography. [Free]

BlaBlaCar: This one is a ridesharing app much like any other, with everything you'd expect: price calculators, direct driver contact, and extensive member profiles. It's had a massive overhaul so now looks like a completely new app. Facebook connect has been introduced to make crafting your profile easier than before. [Free]

Overheard: A lot of social apps focus on sharing photos, opinions, or video clips, but very few for soundbites. Overheard will let you capture and share soundbites up to three minutes in length. Unlike something like Audioboo which just captures sound, Overheard extends beyond that and allows you to add locations, tag your friends, and add images to provide some context. [Free]

Golden Hour: Everyone who knows anything about photography knows about the golden hour, the time just before sunset and just after sunrise, where the sunlight is softer and redder -- meaning the photos taken look very, very pretty. The app will show you exactly when the golden hour is, based on your current location. Limited in scope, but invaluable for photographers everywhere. [Free]

Fotowics: This one is a real-time photo-sharing platform that's a little bit like Twitter, but with the main focus being on sharing photos (or "twics") rather than status updates. Functionally it's exactly the same, you upload, you hashtag, you reply, and you retwic. It's a little different from everything else out there, and if you're bored of the likes of Instagram, this isn't a bad alternative. [Free]

iPad Apps

Magic Piano: You know this type of game, the ones similar to the likes of Guitar Hero: simply tap the right buttons in time with the beat to beat the high score. This is version 7.0, which introduces a karaoke function so you can sing along to your heart's content. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Inky Mail: A simple email app that helps to organise your inbox, minimalise clutter, and lets you find your important emails quickly and easily. The new update lets you download your old emails via Wi-Fi, edit your signature, and more space between the buttons so that typing is much easier. [Free]

Photoshop Mix: A version of Photoshop designed to complement being used on an iPad. The basic features include enhancements, image cutting, and mixing. Connect to your Creative Cloud account and you can unlock even more features like accessing individual layers from PSD files, and opening Lightroom files. [Free -- with option subscription]

Star Wars Scene Maker: A you an obsessive Star Wars fan? Maybe you'll want this app, which will let you create your own 3D star Wars scenes right there in the palm of your hand. With characters, ships, models, and soundbites from the series, this is a cool app for creative types and fans alike. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Face Tune for iPad: I'm not one for advocating selfies, or even iPad based photography, but people seem to enjoy doing both. This is one for editing your selfies in order to end up with the kind of photos you'd see in a magazine. This version includes a whole host of new features including filters, rotation, and customisable frames. [£2.49]

Android Apps

Salient Eye: Home security tech can get incredibly expensive if you get more than the basics. Fortunately with Salient Eye you can turn an Android device into a motion-detecting burglar alarm. The camera will sense any movement and take a picture of the intruder, immediately sending it to you via SMS or email, and will then sound an alarm if you choose. [Free]

Parallels Access: Many remote access apps are focused on one type of computer, but you might have more than one. Parallels Access will give you full access to the software on either a Mac or a Windows PC. So wherever you are, or wherever your files are, you'll be able to access them from anywhere. [Free]


Copy Bubble: The problem with a computer's standard clipboard is that you can only copy and paste one thing at a time. Copy Bubble gives you an easily accessible copy menu where you can store everything ready for when you need it. No more jumping around to get every little thing you need. [Free]

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Sleeping through an entire REM cycle is important for your well being, but most alarm clocks don't take that into consideration. Sleep Cycle will analyse your sleeping pattern in order to wake you up during the lightest phase of your cycle to ensure you wake up feeling completely rested. [£1.29]

Waze: Waze is a community based traffic app where users share real-time information on levels of traffic and the status of the road. You just need to drive with the app open and it'll automatically share the information with the community. This version adds more of a social aspect to the app, letting you add your friends, and new ways to share locations. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

WildFire News: An app focused on trending news, WildFire News allows you to follow whichever websites or blogs that you want. It also includes a trending algorithm that helps you to find the best content from around the web. And once you've found your content, you can share it all with your friends. [Free]

NEXT: A shopping app for the popular clothing store, with the full range of NEXT products available in the palm of your hand. With easy search and navigation, secure payment, and next day delivery options, it's a handy way to order your clothes when you're not at your computer. [Free]

Kobo Books: One for the readers out there, Kobo gives you access to over four million free ebooks and comics from your phone. With cross-device syncing and a customisable style, it's a nice way to improve your reading library with little effort. [Free]

Moovit: Public transport is a bind sometimes, especially when its busy, or the traffic is bad. Moovit is here to help your public transport experience go smoothly. Using real-time data, Moovit will help you find the fastest, least crowded service along with schedules, arrival times, and service data. [Free]

Sicher: A secure messaging app where all messages are secured with end-to-end encryption, never going anywhere unsecured. Whether you're sending text, video, pictures, or document files, it's an app designed to make sure nothing falls into the wrong hands. [Free]