These are the Companies Hoping to Fix Rural Broadband Woes

By Gerald Lynch on at

The only thing streaming in some of the UK's more remote areas are the tears of those still left longing for a decent broadband connection. But, with the help of a new government initiative, eight companies may finally be able to bring countryside web surfers up to speed.

£10 million is to be shared out between the companies. AB Internet is looking to take fibre-optic broadband over Wi-Fi to Wales and received £847,650, while Airwave will attempt to do the same for North Yorkshire for £1,564,600 and Quickline to bring the same to North Lincolnshire for £1,564,600. Avanti has received 3885,640 in funding to test 30Mbps satellite broadband in Northern Ireland and Scotland, with Satellite Internet awarded £175,125 to do the same for Somerset and Devon. Call Flow, Cybermoor and MILL have received £1,194,145, £449,997 and £957,900 respectively to set up hybrid fibre-optic and fixed wireless networks in the Hampshire, Northumberland and Kent regions.

The government's BDUK department is hoping to have 95 per cent of the UK set up with a decent broadband connection by 2017, with the remaining five per cent expected to be served by the proposed satellite connections. [ via TechRadar]