These Posters Immortalise the Cars From Your Favourite Films

By Robert Sorokanich on at

To those of us who pay attention to these things, a movie character's car can tell us more about that person than nearly anything else. Sometimes, those cars even become characters—without the DeLorean, Back to the Future would be a 1980s Waiting for Godot. Designer Jesús Prudencio's poster series Cars and Films pays tribute to these plot-driving heroes.

These Posters Immortalize the Cars From Your Favorite Films

The series features 40 cars and car-like vehicles (like the Snow Cat from The Shining) from some of the greatest movies and TV shows ever made. But don't think it's a beginner's guide for the uninitiated: while the year of release and genre are listed, the posters don't indicate the title of the movie or TV show in which the car appeared. As Prudencio puts it, "I prefer it to be like a game, where you have to guess the movie."

These Posters Immortalize the Cars From Your Favorite Films

Each 12" x 17" print costs £17.52, with discounts for 4- or 8-print bulk purchases, all available at Prudencio's Etsy page. Scroll through and see how many you instantly recognise. It's a fiery, explosion-filled cinematic trip down memory lane. [Etsy via Co.Design]