These Wireless Earbuds Charge While They're in Your Pocket

By Jamie Condliffe on at

These are perhaps the headphones of the future: earbuds which use Bluetooth to beam audio to your ears, with small rechargeable batteries to eliminate cables, in perhaps the smallest package of its type we've seen.

Called "Earin", they're designed by a group of ex-Sony Ericsson and Nokia engineers and are currently being funded on Kickstarter. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they've already secured over half of their £179,000 target. They claim the batteries last three hours (so, not amazing) but they come with with a solid carry case with integrated battery, which allows you to charge them while you safely store them in your pocket.

All in, it seems a fairly practical version of a piece of technology that should really be worn George Jetson. A £99 contribution will secure you a pair sometime in January 2015 if the drive is successful. Which it really, really should be. [Kickstarter via Engadget]