They're Finally Releasing a Standalone Leap Motion-Powered Keyboard

By Eric Limer on at

The Leap Motion Controller is cool—and it's about to get cooler—but the neat little dongle is a toy, not a must-have. But now, HP is going to start selling keyboards with Leap built right in, and it's probably the best way to get in on the fun.

HP already built Leap into a laptop, and has been bundling Leap keyboards with its All-In-Ones for a while now, but at Computex the company announced its plans to start selling them separately in the US for $99 (£59). It's a bit pricey sure, but probably a better deal than buying the £70 dongle at this stage in the game.

The Leap-enabled keyboards will go on sale in the US this month, no word on a UK release date just yet.. [Engadget]