This '80s Version of the Game of Thrones Theme is Totally Radical

By Andrew Tarantola on at

If you think about it, the battle for control over the lands of Westeros would totally still make sense if it were set in the 1980s. It now even has an appropriate remix of its theme song as written and performed by Steve Duzz.

No seriously, think about it. You've got two primary superpowers jockeying for dominance by leveraging the resources of a number of smaller allied factions—plus a wildcard faction that has recently come into its own desert city-state (Daenerys Targaryen is so Westeros's benevolent Muammar Gaddafi)—using constant acts of subterfuge, assassination, and spying to achieve their ends.

And this all occurs under the overarching threat of global calamity—what was once a nuclear holocaust is now a mass invasion of the White Walkers. Just give John Snow a Magnum PI moustache and some tennis shorts and the transformation is complete.