This Converted Boeing 727 Home Would Soar on Grand Designs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Loft conversions, barn conversions -- all pretty standard fare when it comes finding a bit of space to call home. But an airplane conversion? That takes some real commitment.

Aviation enthusiast Bruce Campbell (no, not that Bruce Campbell), has spent more than ten years turning a Boeing 727 into somewhere he can live. Bought for $100,000 (around £60,000), he's got it propped up in the Oregon woods, and spends most of his time painstakingly adding features inside to make the craft habitable. With 1,066 square feet at its disposal it's not the most spacious of abodes, and Campbell's had to adapt his life as much as the plane in order to live in it. But it's obviously a labour of love, borne out by the modifications that Campbell has made -- rather than pull out the cockpit controls, he's found a way to make them house a computer monitor, and the transparent flooring he's installed lets all visitors marvel at the complex wiring that once made the bird fly. [Airplane Home via Inhabitat, CNET]