This iPhone 6 Leak is Modelling its Look on the iPad Mini

By Gerald Lynch on at

With iOS 8 now out in the open, we've got a good idea of what the software headed to the iPhone 6 will look like. And, asĀ the leaks continue to trickle in, we're building up a good picture of what the actual iPhone 6 hardware will look like too.

This latest leak is consistent with earlier alleged glimpses of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The metal back has a curvier look than the iPhone 5 or 5S, taking its cues from the iPad Mini. Cutouts for iPad Mini-like volume buttons sit on the left, with room for a mute switch too, while the SIM slot sits on the right edge next to what would seemingly be the lock/power button -- if you're going to up the size of the phone, stretching to the top for power controls wouldn't be all that comfortable.

Around the back, there's a circular cutaway for a camera flash that looks more like the one found in the iPhone 5 rather than the oval-shaped "True Tone" flash of the 5S. If the leak is real, there could be a change to Apple's camera flash system on the way. Finally, the entire back seems to be made of metal -- the glass strips on the rear have been removed, though dividers are still present. Oh, and it seems someone in Cupertino is still a fan of that "Champagne" colour.

So far it's only the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 popping up in leaks that have any feeling of legitimacy to them. If there is a larger 5.5-inch one on the way, the rumours that it would follow after the release of the 4.7-inch version seem to be being backed up by the scarcity of leaks surrounding it. [NowhereElse]