This Wi-Fi Jammer is Designed as a Google Glass Deterrent

By Gerald Lynch on at

If a smartphone creepshot makes your skin crawl, then the head-mounted Google Glass, always ready to snap away, will sound like a particularly uncomfortable part of our future. Berlin-based artist Julian Oliver is making a stand against Google's AR headset according to Wired, creating a Glass-jamming programme called

Inspired by a fellow artist's discomfort at finding a Glass wearer wandering around his exhibition, Oliver's program is able to detect a Glass user attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network from a unique string in the Google wearable's MAC address. With the program running on a mini computer plugged into a USB network, it can prevent a Glass user from connecting by using the Aircrack-NG program.

Of course, what it can't do is prevent the Glass wearer from taking a photo or video -- the voice-activated commands associated with those are already installed on the AR headset, and do not require a web connection to trigger. At best Oliver's creation merely delays any potential uploads. But what it does show is the lengths people are now prepared to go to to ensure that they, and their intellectual properties, are at least someway defended against unwanted Glass attention. [Julian Oliver via Wired]