This World Cup TV Coverage Design Concept is Sleek Enough to Entice Even Football Haters

By Gerald Lynch on at

Football television coverage has come a long way -- these days we've multiple commentary options, live stats and all sorts of fancy camera angles with which to obsess over England's inevitable defeats. But is all this information displayed as accessibly as possible? Guus ter Beek, Tayfun Sarier, Jordon Cheung and George Grace don't think so, and have put together this wonderful World Cup coverage interface concept to coincide with this year's tournament.

Using the "flat design" trend as a jumping off point, it uses intuitive block colour coding (removing gradient effects) alongside a simple Helvetica font, notifications and animated infographics to cleanly display all the necessary in-game stats. It's lovely -- especially in comparison to the official World Cup branding.

If I've one criticism, it's with how viable some of the animated clock features would be. The ebb and flow of matches sees the ball go out of play often, with referees adding injury time to the clock for all manner of reasons. Unless the interface could somehow pair with the ref's watch, these moment-to-moment visual representations of time left during a match may fall out of sync.

That aside, it looks great. Real-time notifications and interactive information is definitely the way forward for sports broadcasting -- just look at the Xbox One's Brazil Now stuff if you're in need of proof. Check out the whole concept here. [Medium]