To be Fair, Apple Could've Picked a Worse Font Than Helvetica Neue...

By Liam Butler on at

Earlier this week, Apple revealed that its new version of OS X would use a new font. Some didn't think this was the best idea. Though Helvetica Neue might not be so readable on smaller displays, Apple could have picked worse...

Comic Sans

Can you hear that? It's the sound of a million graphic designers losing their shit and explaining how Comic Sans is an abomination.

Matisse ITC

You may remember this from such desktop themes as Windows 98's 'Jungle', or from when your optician was trying to establish the root cause of your eye strain.

Lucida Handwriting

Introducing the world's most advanced and most cursive Operating System.

Times New Roman

The quintessential default font. Responsible for countless uninspiring documents and crushed souls.


You thought Helvetica Neue was difficult to read?

Something tells me Jony Ive isn't going to be hitting me up for UI ideas any time soon.

Liam is a displaced Yorkshireman living in London. He tweets as @angryflatcap, though he can't remember when he last wore a flat cap.

Image Credit: Goat photo from Colorado Captures