Turn Our (Surprisingly) Green London into a National Park City, Say Environmentalists

By Gary Cutlack on at

An independent lobbying group has come up with the idea of turning London into a National Park City, creating a new category of space that would "improve biodiversity, recreation, health, planning and design" across the city.

And London's already off to a surprisingly good start. The Greater London National Park campaigners say the city is 38 per cent green thanks to its legacy of hidden sweet little parks that haven't yet had holiday flats for oligarchs built on them, with a further 24 per cent of the city area being the gardens of people who bought houses back before a few square feet of grass added £350k to their value.

Sadly, King Boris says he "does not have powers to 'create' a new class of urban National Park," so it's clearly unlikely to happen. Plans for the "notional park" can be followed on the campaign's Twitter page. [Change.org via io9]