UK Broadband's New Relish Service Lets You Ditch the Landline but Keep Fibre Speeds

By Gerald Lynch on at

Moving home or office is stressful enough at the best of times, but upping sticks in the modern world brings with it a new woe -- losing your broadband connection. Setting up a new landline can be a chore -- especially when you're just looking to use it for web access. It's a problem that UK Broadband is looking to fix with it's new Relish packages.

Using a 4G hub, it's able to get its customers set-up with speeds comparable to fixed-line fibre connections overnight, without the need for a landline. Home broadband, business broadband, mobile broadband and dedicated business internet packages will become available from today, starting at £20. The dedicated business offering takes a little longer to set up (up to 10 days), but has greater speeds -- 1Gbps compared to the 30Mbps of the other packages.

Of course, you could argue that the Relish service is simply a mobile data hub -- something you could pick up from any network's phone shop. And you'd be pretty much correct -- using its own spectrum (and piggy-backing off Three's at times too) it's harnessing 4G connectivity and beaming it around your home or office. What sets Relish apart however is data allowance -- whereas the networks are becoming increasingly stingy about tethering allowances, Relish is truly all-you-can-eat.

"Nobody else is offering this sort of service," Will Harnden, Marketing Director of Relish, told Gizmodo UK. "Relish offers something different. It’s wireless and hassle-free. There are no wires to install or monthly telephone line rental changes, no long waits for engineers to install the service, and a transparent pricing structure with truly unlimited data."

The lack of a cabled connection could lead you to question Relish's speeds, but UK Broadband claims to have that covered -- as well as a fair system for those that find coverage to be poor upon installation.

"We have designed the network to deliver an average speed of 30Mbps. With a wireless network, there is a slight risk that their location or building type may affect the service, so we offer a 14-day money back guarantee so all customers can try the service at home," added Harnden.

Relish requires the installation of an Indoor Hub, manufactured by Huawei. It's free with a 12 month contract, but those looking to make the most of the potential flexibility of the service will have to cough up £50 if they want it on a rolling one month contract.

So far Relish is only available in London, but plans are being prepared to expand the offering to other regions of the UK.

"Central London consumes more data than any other area in the UK," says Harnden "This is why we have launched here first. Our plan is to then expand the home and office broadband service to Greater London and beyond and into major cities in the UK."