UK Road Laws Will Soon Accommodate Driverless Cars

By Gerald Lynch on at

Changes to the Highway Code will soon allow for cars without steering wheels or driver controls, paving the way for Google's driverless cars to make an appearance on UK roads.

However, science minister David Willets (who is spearheading the road law change), isn't encouraging the move for the search giant's sake. Instead, he's hoping that the changes will inspire UK companies to begin developing their own self-driving prototypes, opening discussions with the Department for Transport to support UK innovation in the field. Researchers at Oxford University already have a cheaper alternative to Google's self-driving systems in development -- Highway Code changes would allow them to legally test the systems on actual British roads.

The UK lags behind the US when it comes to driverless innovation. Across the pond, California, Nevada, Florida, Michigan and the District of Columbia have all passed laws allowing for the use of driverless cars -- provided someone sits in the passenger seat in case of emergencies. [Mail Online]