What do You Think of Apple's WWDC 2014 Showing?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Translucent windows. A new programming language. Apps that talk to one another. A half dozen new services that end in "Kit." Here's everything Apple showed off at WWDC -- what do you make of it all?

OS X 10.10 is Officially OS X Yosemite, and Will be a Free Upgrade From Autumn
With the previous version of Mavericks giving way to better battery life and improved support for multiple displays, 10.10 Yosemite is bringing with it a translucent new interface, "big enhancements to apps," and something Apple's calling "continuity." Read More >

There are now 80 million Mac users, with 40 million using Mavericks

Mac Notifications Centre is Getting a Today View
Dragging in your Mac Notifications bar is going to get a bit more useful in the new Yosemite build of OS X. A new "Today" view will give detailed calendar and appointment information, with a tab that lets you switch back to a standard notifications view. Read More >

iCloud Drive mixes your offline and online files together

What are Apple's Continuity and Handoff Features?
The iOS and OS X ecosystems may not be merging, but they're certainly better friends than before, with Apple's "Continuity" resulting in iDevices being able to finish off where the other left off, plus answer SMS and calls. Read More >

Third-party keyboards, such as Swype and Swiftkey, are coming to iOS 8

iOS 8: Everything You Need to Know
It's a year since Apple unveiled a flatter look for iOS 7 but beyond that, and a more efficient manner of multitasking and the addition of Control Centre, it was much the same as we've seen for years. Apple's iOS 8 changes that, launching in the Autumn. Read More >

Siri is getting Shazam song recognition

iOS is Now Getting a Smarter Keyboard
One of our biggest frustrations with iOS devices has been the less-than-stellar stock keyboard. iOS 8 fixes that with Quicktype, a predictive, content-sensitive keyboard that learns the phrases you use most and fills them in. It's about ducking time. Read More >

iOS 8 apps will be able to work together

iOS Health: All the Important Data About Your Body in One Place
Apple just pulled back the curtain on a new native app called HealthKit at WWDC. Yes, this is the same health tracking app we heard about a few months ago. And yes, you can buy a variety of compatible fitness tracking devices at the Apple Store. HealthKit does more than count your steps, though. Read More >

You can now leave group messages in iMessage

Apple's New Photos App for iOS Allows for Cross-Device Editing
Say you edit one photo on your Mac, but forget to update your iPhone and iPad with the newer, more saturated version of that selfie. iOS 8's new Photos app not only lets you access all photos ever taken, but also share edited versions. Read More >

TouchID is now open to developers

HomeKit: Apple's Vision for Home Automation
Apple's just announced another quite-big deal: HomeKit, the Apple platform for home automation. Although there weren't many details, it looks like Apple will be supplying both a software layer for the devices, and a hub for all your thermostats and lights and what-not on iOS 8. Read More >

SwiftKey is already building its iOS 8 keyboard

Swift is Apple's All-New Programming Language
Not content with revamping its iOS and OS X operating systems, Apple has introduced an all-new language for writing applications called Swift. It sees the Cupertino company ticking many boxes off the feature list that third-party developers have longed for. You could say it's been "Taylored" specifically for developers. Read More >

The Future of Apple Design is Hidden Inside OS X Yosemite
Today at WWDC, Apple gave OS X a design overhaul that's just as huge as its namesake. Yosemite is bright, sharp, and flat as hell. But while OS X now looks more like iOS, iOS and OS X are also more alike than ever. Apple is finally--finally--establishing a consistent design language across its platforms. Read More >

Sorry, But Your Old iPhone 4 Just Became Obsolete
At Monday's WWDC keynote, Apple announced a flurry of fun new features. With OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, your Mac and iPhone are closer than ever, opening the door to the Future of Computing. Too bad iPhone 4 users won't get to enjoy any of it--and neither will anyone with an even older phone. Read More >

Where Apple 'Got Inspiration' for 7 of Its Big WWDC Ideas
This year's WWDC was arguably the most action-packed ever, with new feature following new feature until we were all left shell-shocked and reaching for the Nurofen. It has to be said, though, that not all of Apple's new announcements were exactly novel. In fact, some are point-black rip-offs. Read More >

How to Get iOS 8 Right Now
You could (and probably should) wait for the wide release this fall before downloading iOS 8. But if you absolutely can't wait, here's how to get Apple's brand new iOS 8 beta on your phone right now. Read More >

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