World Cup Security Team in Shameful Wi-Fi Password Lapse

By Gary Cutlack on at

What's the biggest security crime here? Having your Wi-Fi password displayed on a big screen, or using tired old internet speak to have "b5a2112014" as the password for the Brazil 2014 event security team network?

The above photo came via local newspaper Correio Braziliense, in which security experts demonstrated the cutting-edge CCTV and monitoring facility being used to police the World Cup. Problem being their password was in shot in the photo published alongside a piece about the security team and its boss Luiz Cravo Dorea.

Just in case you're in any doubt, security experts suggest you don't have your Wi-Fi SSID and password actively broadcast on a massive display at home. You'll have all the local teenagers standing outside your house streaming TOWIE if you do. [Twitter via The Register]