WWDC: What are You Looking Forward to Most?

By Pranav Dixit on at

Just when we're finally getting used to iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, it's time for Apple to reveal what's next in the future of these platforms. WWDC 2014, Apple's annual developer conference is happening in San Francisco's Moscone West starting at 6pm Monday.

We're guaranteed to see some major updates to both iOS and OS X, of course, like the new Healthbook app and a revamped version of OS X, but, hopefully, there will be some surprises in store.

We'll be reporting on the event starting at 6pm right here, of course, and there's a whole bunch of things that we desperately want from Apple: transit directions in Apple Maps, a better keyboard in iOS, AirDropping things between iOS devices and Macs, and many more.

What's on your wishlist and what WWDC reveal are you looking forward to most? Healthbook? A redesigned OS X? Or maybe the alleged home automation system?

Go nuts in the comments.