Xbox One Brazil Now Team Has "Tonnes and Tonnes of Ideas" Beyond the World Cup

By Gerald Lynch on at

Brazil Now is set to bring to Microsoft's Xbox One console the in-depth sports stat-tracking features that US gamers have enjoyed through the stateside NFL application. Brazil Now focusses on the World Cup with its charts, goal tallies, Twitter integration and player details, but it could conceivably be applied to any major event -- sporting or otherwise, from Wimbledon through to the X-Factor final.

I caught up with Toby Heap, executive producer of the team at Soho Studios responsible for the Brazil Now app, and asked him about the chances of taking the app to its next logical subject -- the Premier League.

"We've got tonnes and tonnes of ideas" said Heap, "and the Premier League is certainly a good question.

"We want to get the product out and capitalise on everyone's excitement around live football. We're looking to try to find out how people are going to use this with live TV and notifications. This is something people really want to adopt, and we'll be looking at the ways they are using the product for future projects. I think it has a huge life beyond [the World Cup]. We can start with football and go even broader than that."

However, Heap stressed that his team "we're very much focussing on the World Cup" for the time being with "no firm plans beyond that yet." But with the backend already established, it doesn't take a huge leap of imagination to see Brazil Now's systems applied to the next Olympic games or even (whisper it) the next Britain's Got Talent series.

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