Xbox One June Update Lands With OneGuide and External Storage in Tow

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Xbox One gets its biggest update since launching today, with the June software tweaks beginning to roll out to users. It brings a tonne of long-awaited features to the console, bringing it closer to Microsoft's initial vision.

In terms of media support, the Xbox Live paywall barring access to apps like Netflix is now being dropped (you'll still need it for online gaming, of course), while the OneGuide TV integration feature finally crosses the Atlantic too. Check out our first impressions of it here. The Games With Gold incentive now extends to the Xbox One too, with Halo: Spartan Assault and Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood available across individual two-week stints in June.

The console will now also support up to two external drives for storing your games and media on, letting you take downloadable titles to a friends house without needing to download them again. A number of friend and party improvements have also been made, including the ability to see your chums' real-world names.

The update also paves the way for the launch of the football-themed Destination Brazil dashboard hub and Brazil Now stat-tracking snap app. It seems Microsoft is finally picking up the pace in this marathon console race. [Xbox]