You Can Now Buy the Wheelchair Professor X Would Use

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Whill started life as an innovative device designed to give manual wheelchairs an electric motor so they were self-propelled. But since its inception, the Whill has evolved into a full-fledged personal mobility device with a unique control mechanism and even smartphone connectivity.

And as promised late last year, the Whill is finally available for pre-order (at least if you're confident in its creators' crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign). For such a complicated and innovative device, it's surprising that the Whill's creators are only trying to raise $30,000 (£17,834) in funding. In fact, only four people have to pre-order a Whill, with a required donation of $9,500 (£5,645), for them to reach their goal.

But if the mobility solutions already on the market have left you disappointed, pre-ordering a Whill might be worth the leap of faith required. If anything, it looks significantly cooler than what's come before it. [Whill - Kickstarter]