You Can Now Have Amazon Packages Delivered to Tube Station Lockers

By Gerald Lynch on at

You can now cross off your to-do list a hasty lunchtime trip to the Post Office for an Amazon collection -- provided you live or work near Finchley Central or Newbury Park Tube stations, that is. In partnership with TfL, they're the first Tube stops to have Amazon parcel collection points installed.

Rather than taking over unused ticket offices as had been initially suggested, the lockers will be placed in each station's car park. Supermarket chains Tesco, Asda and Waitrose are all looking into ways that deliveries can be made to Tube stations too.

I'm not quite convinced that placing the lockers in the station's car parks is such a good idea though. Car parks are where all the world's muggers live, right? I don't much fancy picking up a potentially-valuable Amazon package from a giant orange box in view of all ne'er-do-wells.

Image Credit: TfL (Flickr)