You Can Vote for Man of the Match via Twitter at the World Cup

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Think you can spot the best player in a football match? Well, take to Twitter during the World Cup and you'll be able to vote to name the Man of the Match during each and every game.

Often named by commentators or pundits, the Man of the Match is a game-by-game recognition of the best player on the pitch. At the last World Cup, FIFA opened online voting so you could help choose the best, but now Budweiser—the official beer provider of the tournament—has announce that this year it'll be orchestrated via Twitter. From the start of the second half of each game, you'll be able to register your choice using the dedicated #ManOfTheMatch hashtag. I wonder what the Venn diagram of Twitter users and football fans looks like? [Fox via Engadget]

Image by AP