A 40-Inch Fossilised Dinosaur Poo is Going Up for Auction

By Tom Pritchard on at

You did read that correctly, a genuine fossilised dinosaur poo (or coprolite) has been listed by auction house I.M. Chait. It's 40 inches (101.6cm) long, is believed to be around 23 million years old and is expected to fetch between $8,000 and $10,000 (£4,712 - £5,890) when it goes under the hammer tomorrow.

This is what the listing's blurb had to say:

“This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite ever to be offered at auction. It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow colouring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal surface across the whole of its immense length. The passer of this remarkable object is unknown, but it is nonetheless a highly evocative specimen of unprecedented size, presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base, an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall.”

Surprisingly it's not the only poo-fossil available. The auction also features a collection of five coprolites, which are expect to fetch between $4,000 (£2,356) and $6,000 (£3,534), and a single large "specimen" that is expected to go for between $500 (£294) and $700 (£412). [The Register]