A Home Dry Cleaner That Refreshes Your Clothes in Just Ten Minutes

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Swash is being pitched as a sort of personal drycleaning machine that promises to refresh clothes in just ten minutes. But instead of the toxic chemicals often used at your local drycleaner, it runs on disposable detergent pods.

What that means is in addition to purchasing the £300-ish Whirlpool-engineered appliance, you'll also be in the hole for an endless supply of re-stockable cleaning pods—so it's a profit deal. And the Swash doesn't even actually clean your clothes either; it just makes them smell nicer between washes, and removes minor wrinkles if you need to dress to impress.

But, if you end up finding your favourite shirt in the laundry right before you need to wear it to a party or a job interview, the Swash sounds like a painless way to make it look presentable in a hurry. And as long as those detergent pods don't end up costing a fortune, it could also be a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to your dry cleaner.

It's on sale in the US for $500, and may find its way over the pond at some point. But would anyone actually want one? [Bloomingdale's via Werd]