A Star Trek Phaser TV Remote is Perfect for Fast-Forwarding Enterprise

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The only thing more satisfying for Star Trek fans than fast-forwarding through Enterprise's awful opening credits would be doing it with this wonderfully detailed phaser prop universal remote. Created using 3D scans of the actual hero prop used on the original Star Trek series, the phaser remote will be officially revealed at ThinkGeek's San Diego Comic Con booth next week.

But the replica doesn't just have looks going for it, it's functional too (short of stunning an alien that's somehow gained access to your ship). It's a learning remote that's able to take control of IR-controlled devices using up to 36 stored commands, although you've probably noticed a distinct lack of buttons. That's because this remote relies solely on motion gestures for its functions. Any motion you can think of (as long as they're all relatively unique) can be used to control volume, change channels, or start a recording.

A Star Trek Phaser TV Remote Is Perfect For Fast Forwarding Enterprise

The phaser remote also includes authentic sound effects, vibrating force feedback, and the ability to lock out other users with a private passcode. It's expected to enter service starting sometime in November for around $150 (£87), which is a little pricey for the rest of us, but a drop in the bucket for die-hard Star Trek fans ready to set their phasers to mute. [ThinkGeek]

A Star Trek Phaser TV Remote Is Perfect For Fast Forwarding Enterprise