Airport Security Charged Device Checks Now Encouraged for All UK Flights

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now's the time to set up a dedicated portable battery pack store at Heathrow; the Department for Transport is advising all passengers flying out of the UK to ensure their gadgets are charged for checks, as security is tightened once more at airports.

Initially, only passengers flying to the US were told to expect the checks, but this has now extended to other undisclosed destinations, suggesting random gadget spot-checks across all flights may soon be the norm.

The stricter checks come in response to perceived terror threats from Islamic militants in Syria and Yemen, who are believed to be creating explosives disguised as gadgets which can evade standard airport security measures. British Airways has advised that those who are unable to turn on their devices may have to rebook their flights, or alternatively collect gadgets upon returning from their destinations. [BBC]

Image Credit: Airport departure and arrival sign at Heathrow from