American Airport Security Let a Man Smuggle a Gun Onto a UK-Bound Flight

By Gerald Lynch on at

Forget the dead iPhones and gadgets, lets get a handle on the guns and knives at airport security first, yeah? A security official at Phoenix Airport, Arizona, somehow managed to let a man through security onto a flight to the UK whilst carrying a loaded gun. I can't even get through with a bottle of water!

The same security agent had earlier let a man with a flick knife slip onto another flight on the very same day, June 22nd.

Of course, once discovered, the security guard was given the sack -- you don't get second chances making lapses like that. But given the recent tightening of security measures, this could have been far worse -- US intelligence agencies believe jihadist terrorists from Syria and Yemen have developed devices capable of downing airplanes, and evading the usual security measures installed at airport security gates. [Telegraph]

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