Architects Fantasise About Post-Heathrow London With New City Hub Designs

By Gary Cutlack on at

These mocked-up landscapes are what a group of architects, funded by Boris Johnson's chums at Transport for London, think the existing Heathrow site could look like, in a future in which London's top airport is disassembled and moved out to a site farther east.

Three groups of architects were commissioned by TfL to come up with ideas for creating Heathrow City, a city within a city, to make best use of the current Heathrow site. One architect suggests the space is focused around a factory that's able to churn out modular self-build homes, with others claiming there'd be room for up to 190,000 traditional houses on the site and enough spare space to keep Terminal 2 and have it used as a civic centre for the city within a city.

All that's needed now is for Boris to convince everyone to dump Heathrow and start again somewhere in Kent. [BBC]