Beware of This iMessage Spam Campaign Peddling Fake Oakleys

By Adam Clark Estes on at

The security research firm Cloudmark issued a sweeping warning about iMessage spam this week. Apparently, the cost of straight up sending regular text messages is encouraging spammers to use Apple's free service. And while they seem to only be going after affluent people in major US cities hard right now, they might spread out.

Cloudmark found a massive coordinated campaign is targeting iPhone users in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami. Links sent to iMessage accounts point to counterfeit luxury goods sites, where you can buy everything from fake Oakley sunglasses to fake Michael Kors bags. It's not news that spambots are trying to sell counterfeit goods. But Cloudmark found that a startling 47 percent of all SMS spam in New York City comes from this single iMessage campaign.

So you know what to do—or rather what not to do. Don't tap weird links in iMessages. And beware that weird links might start arriving on your phone. There's no word yet on what Apple's doing about iMessage spam, but you can forward the spam messages to 7726 to block the sender. [Cloudmark via PCMag]