Bio-Engineered Smaller Humans Could Offset Climate Change

By Gary Cutlack on at

One particularly bonkers method of battling climate change has been put forward by a group of researchers, who suggest that selectively engineering people to be smaller, and therefore consume less and need less in the way of housing and heating, could help slow the planet's race to heat-death apocalypse.

An equally odd concept put forward by the team suggests modifying humans genetically or by the use of drugs, so we are put off the idea of eating meat, thereby lessening the stresses on the future food chain and stopping us all dying in a toxic fox created by Argentinian beef cattle farts.

But it's the people-shrinking concept that's the strangest thought, with the bio-theorists suggesting smaller humans would lessen the planet's energy needs, lower the fuel consumption of cars, cause less wear and tear on surroundings and reduce the amount of fabric consumed by the clothing industry.

To convince people to agree to having deliberately stunted children, they suggest tax breaks might be a good idea. Would you happily pay 5p less in tax for the next 18 years in return for having an usually small vegetarian child? [Guardian]

Image credit: Small people from Shutterstock