Bose is Suing Beats Over Noise Cancelling Patents

By Tom Pritchard on at

Beats, Apple's most prominent new acquisition, is now being sued by rival audio firm Bose, over claims that the company infringed five of Bose's patents related to noise cancelling technology.

The patents, which are listed here, are focussed on Bose's development of "active noise reduction" (ANR), which uses soundwaves to interfere with unwanted ambient noise, thereby "cancelling" the noise. Lawyers claim that Beats has utilised the same technology without licensing the tech, which has caused Bose to lose sales.

Beats has declined to comment on the matter.

I know that if my ideas had been ripped off I'd be pretty upset about it, but I can't be the only one sick of all these tech companies suing each other all the time. Can't we just all get along? [BBC News]