Buy a Samsung, Because Buying an iPad Makes You a Bad Parent (Or So Says Samsung's Latest Ads)

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the latest stage of the never-ending battle between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has released a number of adverts which not only declare that Samsung devices are better, but one of them implies that Apple users are terrible parents.

The first of the two adverts claims that because the Galaxy Tab S includes multitasking, it is possible to use your tablet to raise your child for you, while still being able to use it for yourself at the same time. iPad users can't do that, which makes them bad parents. Obviously.

The second advert focuses on two guys who are watching the same film on two devices, one on an iPad, and one on a Tab S, and the iPad man has no clue what's going on. You see, Samsung thinks that's because an iPad only has a retina display, because apparently that makes a difference to the film's plot. The Tab S, on the other hand, has an AMOLED screen which is far superior. Why? Because it just is.

Oh Samsung. [CNet]