Carphone Warehouse Wants to Sell Mobile Contracts From its Own Network

By Gerald Lynch on at

Carphone Warehouse is said to be in talks with the Three network, with the mobile phone store considering establishing its own network. According to the Financial Times, Carphone Warehouse would leverage Three's network infrastructure and operate as an MVNO in the same way that Tesco Mobile or Mobile by Sainsbury's already do.

It's part of a number of new business options the chain is said to be exploring since partnering up with Dixons under the new Dixons Carphone banner. But just how will the other networks it represents in its stores take to the news? While Three obviously won't be fussed, will EE, O2 or Vodafone take kindly to the fact that Carphone Warehouse will be shilling its own wares alongside theirs? For the MVNO option to make any sense there'd have to be a financial incentive for Carphone Warehouse to sell its own contracts -- would this mean its employees would be encouraged to favour the MVNO deals over other network contracts? Or would Carphone Warehouse instead work like many other existing MVNOs, providing value contracts and allowing the network big guns to handle premium devices and deals? We'll keep you posted. [Financial Times]