Celebs and the Generally Wealthy Blur Their Homes in Google Street View

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest trend among the rich and privileged appears to be getting angry at Google for daring to capture the outside walls of their houses, as the UK homes of the likes of Tony Blair and Paul McCartney have started to appear blurred on Google's Street View tool.

Homes owned by Lily Allen and Jimmy Page have also been obscured from view by Google's automated CG fog lowering system, as if a low-res image of the outside walls would perhaps be too much of an invasion of privacy. Someone might be able to see what sort of trampoline a celebrity has bought for their child, for example.

There's no suggestion Google has acted to censor the homes of the famous, it simply appears that someone worked out how to do a manual blur request and passed it on to the rest of the elite over cocktails. [Independent]