Coca-Cola Crossing? London Could be Getting its First Branded Bridge

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Coca-Cola Crossing? The Sainsbury's Span? The Barclay's Bridge? They may all sound silly, but Wandsworth council's plan to sell off the naming rights to its proposed £40 million Thames crossing could see London get its first branded bridge.

Taking inspiration from the Emirates Air Line cable car (with the Middle Eastern carrier paying £35 million for the pleasure of having its name plastered over the transport option), Wandsworth council is hoping to partially fund the Pimlico to Nine Elms bridge through sponsorship. With one of the proposed sites for the Nine Elms side of the bridge sitting by the US Embassy, it is hoped that big American businesses will take the bait.

As for the bridge itself, it would support only cyclists and pedestrians, not cars, and would plug the 1.1 mile gap between Chelsea and Vauxhall bridges, an area due a population explosion once the current development of thousands of new homes is completed. [Standard]

Image Credit: Sunset over the famous London landmark Tower Bridge from