Death Metal Band Unfathomable Ruination Will Shred in an Airtight Cube Until Their Oxygen Runs Out

By Gerald Lynch on at

None more black hardcore. Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination are gearing up to play death-defying shows inside an airtight box outside London's Gherkin tower. And they won't stop until they run out of oxygen. Don't go expecting any encores, then.

The performance forms part of an art installation by Portuguese artist João Onofre called "Box Sized DIE", which features in the new "Sculpture in the City" exhibition.

Being an airtight cube, you're not going to be able to hear the band's...hits, such as Edges of Disfigured Atrocity and Futile Colossus Decapitated. So here's a YouTube clip of Carved Inherent Delusion for your listening pleasure:

Catch the band on July 3rd (6pm and 7pm), and between July 4th and August 1st, Wednesday to Friday, at 6pm outside the Gherkin. [City of London via Independent]