Doctor Who Scripts Leaked in BBC Worldwide Translation Error

By Gary Cutlack on at

Five scripts for the upcoming Peter Capaldi series of Doctor Who were accidentally made public on the website of one of the BBC Worldwide's overseas divisions, with the highbrow literary masterpieces quickly finding their way onto the torrent sites.

The BBC is appealing for the public's help in keeping the plots of the first episode of Capaldi's run and four other scripts secret, but seeing as a 3MB file of the scripts is currently being shared and downloaded by hundreds of people on the torrent sites, that's pretty unlikely.

We have reproduced a snippet from one of the leaked scripts below:

ALIEN ROBOT: Now, I shall kill you and reset the timeline!

DOCTOR: No! *waves sonic screwdiver at control panel*

ALIEN ROBOT: Nooooooo! *head explodes*


The other scripts are the same, only replacing the robot for various other types of aliens. In related news, there's a new trailer up, with a person/monster that sounds like Davros waffling away in the background. [Guardian]