Dustpans Should Have Been Designed With Funnels From Day One

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As handheld vacuums get better and better, there's less need to keep a broom at the ready. Which is too bad, because this cleverly re-designed dustpan makes it easier to dump your sweepings into a garbage can, no matter how tiny it may be.

Gone are the days are emptying a dustpan into a garbage can that's smaller than the width of the pan, resulting in dust and debris missing the receptacle. The handle on this dustpan from Menu has been turned into a funnel, making it easy to dump its contents with extreme precision. Does that make it worth £30? That's a tough call, until the next time you have to re-sweep after emptying a dustpan, then you'll be sold on its design. [Huset via Notcot]