Dutch Football Team Offered Trip to Space as World Cup Win Prize

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as riches, loads of free stuff from Adidas and Nike, and the chance to have the World Cup Trophy on their mantelpiece for a week each, the Dutch football team has been offered one enormous extra prize should they win the World Cup -- a trip to space.

The offer has been made by privateer space company XCOR Aerospace, which has promised to ferry the team members up, one at a time, to around 100 kilometres above the surface -- where many suggest "space" begins --  in its Lynx suborbital launcher.

XCOR Aerospace isn't actually flying yet and the Dutch are only at semi-final stage right now, so there's a lot to sort out before we might see Arjen Robben attempting to dive back down to earth under his own steam while holding his knee and looking pained. [Forbes via Ars]