Eight Legendary Rock Concerts You Can Watch on YouTube Right Now

By Mario Aguilar on at

YouTube's live music selection just got a massive shot in the arm: Music Vault has added over 12,000 clips from classic rock gigs, many of them full concerts, that you can watch for free. Here are eight of the best that you should watch as soon as you can.

In excess of 2,000 hours of video have been added, including performances by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, The Sex Pistols, The Who, The Band, Metallica, R.E.M... and, well, it's a long list. Most of the footage comes from remastered and digitized tape transfers straight from Concert Vault.

You should check the whole thing out, because there's lots of great stuff there. But here are eight classics that we think everyone should watch.

1. Van Morrison (Capitol Theater, 1979)

2. Metallica (Woodstock, 1999)

3. Santana (Olympia Theater, 1976)

4. Lou Reed (The Ritz, 1986)

5. Crosby, Stills & Nash (Winterland, 1973)

6. Aerosmith (Woodstock, 1994)

7. Frank Zappa (Capitol Theater, 1978)

8. James Brown (The Ritz, 1986)

9. The Mountain Goats (Bottom of the Hill, 2008)

Just kidding. This is the ninth, and it isn't really a classic, but I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it anyway. Any other personal favourites? Just drop the YouTube URL in a comment below! [Music Vault]