Facebook Wants to Monetise Messenger, But Not for a While Yet

By Tom Pritchard on at

At a Q2 earnings call last night Mark Zuckerberg said that there will eventually be some sort of overlap between Facebook's messenger service and monetary payments. But it won't be happening any time soon.

The Facebook CEO was quoted as saying, "we shouldn’t expect this to happen too soon, though, there’s so much groundwork for us to do. We could take the cheap and easy approach and put ads in and do payments and make money in the short-term, but we’re not going to do that.”

That's a relief. The last thing any Facebook user wants is their messages being clogged up with annoying adverts. The feeds' adverts are bad enough.

Why would they do this though? Zuckerberg claims that it would help people share with each other while interacting with businesses, which makes some sort of sense. Almost. But more than likely Zuckerberg is counting the ways it could also be a tidy little earner for the company since 12 billion messages are sent through Facebook Messenger every day. Throw in some money transfers that Facebook can take a cut of and they could earn a serious amount of money.

This sort of thing isn't exactly a new concept, but a lot of people do use Facebook on a regular basis. If Facebook implements it properly, and people are happy sharing money that way, then why not bring it onboard, I guess? [TechCrunch]