Feeling Itchy? Your iPad May be Causing Rashes

By Gerald Lynch on at

And no, this has nothing to do with that Fleshlight case. Instead, new research has suggested that Apple's iPad uses nickel in its construction, a key trigger for allergies in many people. Dr. Sharon Jacob from Rady Children's Hospital points to its use in the tablet's casing rather than internals -- the part you're touching the most, in other words.

It was first noticed when a child with a common skin complaint began to develop a different rash that hadn't previously been a problem. A bit of detective work was able to track the start of the rash back to the purchase of a 2010 iPad model, the surface of which had nickel traces. Confirming the issue, popping a case on the iPad stopped the rash from reoccurring -- a quick work around for those who may also be struggling with itchy iPad palms.

Nickel-induced rashes aren't life threatening, but they are rather uncomfortable, and can lead to infections that require steroid or anti-biotic treatments if not kept in check. Apple has yet to respond to the report, but they're likely not the only company whose products may be causing issues, with nickel found in other tech gadgets and household items like jewellery and even clothing zips. [Medical Xpress via Huffington Post]