Fire Brigade Warns of "Shiny Crystal (Door) Knob" Fire Risk

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've unplugged the iron, turned the oven off and let the hair straighteners cool down before putting them away. And still your house burns down -- how? Because so few people expect the evil, mystical powers of the crystal door knob.

Or, more honestly, so few people consider the potential for refracted light to cause fires. It sounds like a wind-up, but the London Fire Brigade is urging homeowners to cover up crystal door knobs that sit in direct sunlight following a house fire in Clapham:

Do you have a shiny crystal (door) knob? If it's in the sun make sure you cover it up otherwise it could start a fire (@LondonFire)

The Clapham fire is believed to have started when light from a shiny, crystal door knob settled on a dressing gown, heating up while the home owners were away and starting the blaze. Thankfully, a nearby building crew was able to alert the Fire Brigade promptly, getting the fire under control before too much damage or any injury was caused.

A similar accident occurred in a Romford residence, said to be caused by a crystal ball sitting on a bedside table. I'm no arson expert, but I wouldn't rule out the powers of a dark wizard on that one just yet. [Independent]

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