Five-a-Day Veg Ruling Upheld by International Study

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists are now saying completely the opposite to the thing they said a few months ago, with a new study suggesting that eating more than the recommended five bits of non-processed organic matter a day might have no extra effect on our wellbeing.

The findings come via a report published by the BMJ, which aggregated the results from 16 separate surveys into healthy eating and resulting illnesses. The diets of 833,000 people, 56,000 of whom died during the monitoring time frames, were examined, with the overall conclusion being that the five-a-day thing is about right.

The average risk of death dropped by around five per cent for every serving of fruit or veg eaten, up to the five-a-day limit. Beyond that, the benefits of eating fresh veg stopped. So five it is. Unless you like eating it for fun. [BBC]

Image credit: Vegetables from Shutterstock