Foxconn May be Deploying Robots to Speed iPhone 6 Assembly

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as employing most of the adults in China, gadget assembly specialist Foxconn is said to be turning to robots to further speed the snapping together of electrical components for its partners in the west. And Apple could be the first robot-assembly customer.

The report comes via Chinese site IT Home, which suggests the iPhone 6 may be the first device to be, partially at least, stuck together by robots instead of fleshy workers in white coats and dehumanising hairnets. Each "robot" is said to cost around $25,000 (£14,500) to make, with the ability to churn out as many as 30,000 devices in its lifetime.

Foxconn's said to be preparing to introduce 10,000 of them to its assembly lines. To add insult to injury for the existing human staff, it's unlikely the robots will be able to do their turn at getting the tea in. And if the small-talk is powered by Siri, working conditions are set to get worse than ever. [MacRumors]

Image credit: Factory machine from Shutterstock