Free and Speedy Wi-Fi is Coming to the UK's Busiest Rail Routes

By Gerald Lynch on at

On-board train Wi-Fi is, where it's currently available in the UK, often frustratingly slow and shockingly expensive. But a new £90 million plan could see superfast Wi-Fi be available on some of the busiest train routes across Britain, free of charge.

The government aims to upgrade the networks on trains into London, Bedford, Brighton, Manchester, Kent, Portsmouth, Leeds and Sheffield with connections ten times faster than those currently available. Aiming to have the improved networks up and running within the next four years, funding for the upgrade is inspired -- rather than just being subsidised by increased ticket prices, the money for the improvements will in part come from penalties imposed on Network Rail for missing punctuality targets. So, as well as getting your speedy Wi-Fi, rail operators will have an incentive to get your train into the station on time, too.

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