Gear VR: Is This Samsung's Plastic Version of Google Cardboard?

By Eric Limer on at

We've heard rumours before that Samsung and Oculus were working together on a VR headset, and this leak of "Gear VR" from Sammobile might be it. It's stripped down and simple; a plastic version of Google Cardboard.

Previous rumours suggested that Samsung's entrance into the VR space wouldn't be a full-on headset, but rather a face-case that would harness the power of a Galaxy Phone; a prospect that's sounds smarter every day.

In addition to being made out of plastic, Gear VR would further improve on the proof-of-concept Google Cardboard by having a strap, padding, and a button that engages the phone's rear-facing camera to provide glimpses of the outside world. Or potentially even augmented reality.

According to Sammobile, Gear VR will be announced later this year at IFA, alongside the Galaxy Note 4. And with the arrival of the first big-name smartphone face-mask that isn't made of cardboard, we might be seeing the birth of super-accessible virtual reality. [Sammobile via The Verge]